Ben Whittaker

Blitz Plane Blast

Language: C++ Engine: Custom Platforms: Windows School Project Sept 2014 - Apr 2015

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About the Game

Blitz Plane Blast is a side view dogfighting party game with 3d graphics and cool explosions. You play with your friends in an after-hours office, with papercraft planes duking it out in all-or-nothing aerial battles. You can climb and dive, dash in order to outmanoeuvre or ram your opponents, collect powerups in order to gain better weapons, devastating bombs, speed boosts, or health, and rain a hail of bullets on all those who dare challenge you until they fall to the ground in flames. Great for kids!

As of April 2016, the game also has AI Players, thanks to the efforts of Rob Edmonds.

This game was made as a 3rd year UOIT student project by Top Hat Games.
We won 3 awards at the 2015 UOIT Gamecon:

  • Best Third Year Game
  • Best Aesthetics
  • Best Of Show

The game was programmed in C++, using BEngine, the game engine I had originally developed for Ant Ninja. The way our courses worked out this year, most of the 3D assets were created in first semester and most of the code was written in second semester.


Lead Programmer: Ben Whittaker
Gameplay Programmer: Rob Edmonds
3D Artist / Producer: Chantal Horan
2D Artist: Rachel Fung
Designer: Bishop Osborne

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