Ben Whittaker

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Dungeon Exploder

Space Shooter meets Dungeon Crawl! A spaceship finds itself trapped in a deep, dark, dungeon, with a fairy as it’s guide.

Language: C# Engine: Unity Platforms: Web, Windows, macOS, Linux Game Jam April 2018, 72 hours

Empty Spaces

Collect the hearts. Avoid the monster. Beware the Empty Spaces. How long can you last?

Language: C# Engine: Unity Platforms: Web, Android 2017


A shader-powered sandbox. Draw landscapes using water, sand, and rock, add plants, watch them flourish, and then set it all on fire. Play online, or download for PC or Android.

Language: Haxe Engine: Luxe Platforms: Web, Windows, Android School Project Jan 2016 - July 2016


You are a mimic, trapped in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by guards. You must stalk each guard, listen to them, find out what they desire, learn its form, and turn into that thing. And then eat them. A Ludum Dare 35 game.

Language: Blueprints Engine: Unreal Platforms: Web, Windows Game Jam April 2016, 72 hours

Blitz Plane Blast

A side view dogfighting party game set in an office setting. Fly around, dash for powerups, ram your friends and blast them out of the sky with devastating weapons. Papercraft planes, explosions, and excitement, all over LAN or local multiplayer!

Language: C++ Engine: Custom Platforms: Windows School Project Sept 2014 - Apr 2015

Professor Cog

A stylish platformer centered around speeding up and slowing down the gigantic gears and mechanisms that make up each level. Can you survive the clocktower of doom and rescue your bat?

Language: UnityScript Engine: Unity Platforms: Windows, macOS Game Jam Oct 2014, 48 hours

Ant Ninja

Anastasia, a ninja from an ancient venerable ninja clan that learns it’s ways from the insects, goes off to learn her ways from the ants and finds them infected by a terrible fungus! Run, jump, save ant eggs, and walk on ceilings in this metroidvania-ish 3d platformer!

Language: C++ Engine: Custom Platforms: Windows School Project Sept 2013 - Apr 2014

Plugged in the Beat

This dance floor gets rather too crowded. Collect notes, avoid dancers for the sake of your sanity, and just now and again, change everything up completely. It’s a revolving musical revolution!

Language: Haxe Engine: HaxePunk Platforms: Web, Android Game Jam Jan 2014, 48 hours

Empty Spaces - Jam Version

There’s a monster around here, and everyone can see him but you. Collect hearts, watch the crowd, and avoid the invisible monster.

Language: Haxe Engine: HaxePunk Platforms: Web, Android Game Jam Sept 2013, 24 hours

Mountain Kid

Dodge the falling rocks, clamber atop the rising rubble, and outclimb the raging torrent! It’s a hard life, when you’re a Mountain Kid. (‘Cause you’re a young mountain goat, right, and young goats are called kids… it makes sense!)

Language: Haxe Engine: Custom Platforms: Web, Android Summer 2013


Bombs are falling from the sky, destroying the very ground you stand on! The earth is rotten with gems, just waiting to be released through explosive force! You see where I’m going with this? Dodge, collect, and descend ever deeper.

Language: ActionScript 3 Engine: FlashPunk Platforms: Web Summer 2012

Jellyfish Quest

You, a jellyfish, must rescue your girlfriend, also a jellyfish, from evil Japanese fishermen. Features a tiny screen resolution of 32×32px and lovingly hand-pixeled levels. Written in python during my highschool days, full of promise, but alas unfinished. Someday…

Language: Python Engine: Pygame Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux 2011