Ben Whittaker


Language: ActionScript 3 Engine: FlashPunk Platforms: Web Summer 2012

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About the Game

Bombarded is a game concept and prototype that I developed during the summer of 2012, between highschool and university.

The gist of the concept is:

  • There are various types of bombs falling from the sky
  • Bombs explode
  • Explosions hurt you
  • Explosions destroy ground
  • There are gems buried in the ground, that can be released by explosions
  • There is no limit to how deep the explosions can dig

This is just a prototype (you can’t even actually die), but it has several details I’m quite proud of, such as:

  • Elegant (and efficient) terrain destruction
  • Weather (it can rain!)
  • Aesthetic terrain modification (rain makes grass grow!)
  • Smokin’ retro smoke particles
  • Nice movement mechanics (it’s something I strive for)
  • Truly seamless wraparound

If I continue this concept further, I’d like to add more variations to the terrain (underground caverns and temples, oh my), more types of bombs, more types of treasure, and more content in general.

I would also want to release it for mobile as well as flash - mobile always having been in the back of my mind, judging by the aspect ratio of the thing.


For a creative writing class in my first year at UOIT, I wrote up a fairly detailed backstory for the hero of this game (and as a side effect, the plot of the game in general). It didn’t actually end up that bad - I might dig it up and post it, if I can find it.