Ben Whittaker

Dungeon Exploder

Language: C# Engine: Unity Platforms: Web, Windows, macOS, Linux Game Jam April 2018, 72 hours

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About the Game

Space Shooter meets Dungeon Crawl! A spaceship finds itself in a deep, labyrinth-like dungeon, with a fairy as it’s guide. You are the spaceship, and you must deal with each obstacle as only a spaceship can.

This is a game made I made in collaboration with my nephew Gui for Ludum Dare 41, in the Jam category. The theme was Combine 2 Incompatible Genres, so we chose Space Shooter and Dungeon Crawl, and threw in an exasperated fairy to highlight the contrast between the genres. Overall things went very well, especially considering it was Gui’s first game jam, and his first time making voxel art. Valerie Vaz, of course, did a great job voicing the fairy. You can check out the Ludum Dare entry here.

The version on this page has some minor updates based on feedback from the Jam. Most notably, the ship is easier to control, you can tell how much health you have, and you don’t have to start over from the beginning when you die.


Unity, Voxel Shop, and bfxr.


Code & Levels: Ben Whittaker
Sounds, Art & Music: Guillame Cousino
Fairy Voice: Valerie Vaz