Ben Whittaker

Empty Spaces - Jam Version

Language: Haxe Engine: HaxePunk Platforms: Web, Android Game Jam Sept 2013, 24 hours

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I’ve released a newer, shinier, more 3D version of this game for web and mobile. Check it out!

Empty Spaces is a simple game where you have to collect hearts and avoid an invisible monster, detectable only through the movements of the crowd and the flickering of the lights.

The game was originally made in 24 hours for the Sept. 2013 GDsoc Jam at UOIT, which had the theme “Space, the Untamed Beast”. It one first place!


Code: Ben Whittaker
Art: Chantal Horan (deviantART)
Music: Transcendence (Decktonic Remix) by Anthony Seeha