Ben Whittaker

Jellyfish Quest

Language: Python Engine: Pygame Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux 2011

Download for Desktop

Jellyfish Quest is game I started in highschool and never finished, with humble beginnings and great promise.

I wanted to make a game with a screen size of 32×32 pixels. This presented some design challenges, so I thought about it and decided I wanted a protagonist simple to sprite, slow, able to move omnidirectionally, with some importance placed in outmaneuvering opponents. So I decided on a jellyfish, because what’s more maneuverable than a jellyfish, right? …right?

So I conceived of some silly little thing where you, a jellyfish, had to rescue your jellyfish girlfriend from the evil Japanese fishermen. The concept quickly grew to include 25 levels, a full plot (all the way to Tokyo!), and a variety of enemies, bosses, tasty fish, and puzzles involving picking things up and dropping them.

Unfortunately, I got tired of how slow the level creation process was and then got stalled on some physics, so it never got past 4 complete levels.

I plan to remake (and finish) it in flash when I feel I’ve conquered the development problems that stalled me the first time - in fact, I’m already messing with a flash version of the physics engine - so that might be something to look forward to.

Even as it is, people seem to like it, so if you want to try it I have it up for download here. You would need to install Python 2.7 and pygame in order to run it.



The music is island(daytime) by conner honest, which I found on the now-defunct site 8bitcollective.
The font is picopixel v1.1, made by Sebastian Weber.
Sound effects were all made using sfxr, as3sfxr, bfxr, and Audacity.

There are notes on things like controls and changing the window size in the README.txt file.

If you run into key jamming with the default controls (ie. you can’t press both X and C while moving in a certain direction), try changing B1 and B2 to something else. I myself find A and S works pretty well.

“Lvl Tst” has no exit. It’s just a testing ground for new objects and whatnot. Right now it’s full of mines with dysfunctional chains.