Ben Whittaker


Language: Haxe Engine: Luxe Platforms: Web, Windows, Android School Project Jan 2016 - July 2016

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About the Game

Junglautomata is a simulation toy where you can draw nice landscapes with rock, sand, and water, grow some plants here and there, and then burn it all down. Or alternatively, turn your phone upside down and watch everything start falling in a different direction, or cut a hole in the ground and admire your new infinite waterfall.

Seriously, it’s kind of mesmerizing. I personally like starting fires and seeing how long I can keep them burning.

Junglautomata was originally a project for my Demo Reel Development class in my final year at UOIT, where the requirements were basically “make something that’ll look cool on a demo reel”. I later decided I might as well release it, because why not?

From a technical perspective it’s a bit different from other falling sand games, because instead of processing each particle one at a time, it uses cellular automation techniques to process every pixel of the simulation simultaneously on the GPU. This means it’s relatively efficient! Also, the water physics is a bit more interesting than in other simulations, at least in my opinion.


  • Draw sand, water, fire, rock, steam, plants, and air.
  • Plants turn to steam when they burn, which turns back to water, which can help grow more plants. Potentially infinite cycle!
  • Resizable brush.
  • Accelerometer-based gravity manipulation. There’s also a button, if you’re playing on a non-mobile device or you’re too lazy to tilt your phone.