Ben Whittaker

Mountain Kid

Language: Haxe Engine: Custom Platforms: Web, Android Summer 2013

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About the Game

Mountain Kid is a prototype I made in the summer of 2013, in between my first and second years of university. In it, you’re a young mountain goat, trying to climb as high as possible during a simultaneous flood and avalanche.

To be honest, the core of the game is a blatant ripoff (homage?) of a classic flash game called Avalanche - there are blocks falling from the sky, you dodge and climb up them as they land, there is something rising from below, you stay out of it’s reach.

Part of the reason for the state of polished incompletion the game is in, I brought on myself. I had been reading about game engine design, see, and I was seeing reference to this “Entity Component System” idea, and it was intriguing me. But I had never used such a system before, and I have having trouble understanding how to start with the few examples of component based frameworks that were available for haxe… so I made my own, from scratch. And it’s really cool! But, alas, coming to understand an entirely new way of doing things by implementing it from scratch always takes time, and I had other things to do that summer… not the least of which was getting a head start on my second year game development workshop project by, you guessed it, starting on yet another component system, this one in C++. That effort led to the game Ant Ninja… but that’s getting off topic.