Ben Whittaker

The Year we Won

I have now conquered my third year at university, and great things have marked it’s passing. In particular, we made a game. We made an awesome game, and to our great satisfaction, it’s awesomeness has been acknowledged.

The game is the sideview dogfighting game Blitz Plane Blast. Our idea was to make a party game, specifically designed to be fun to show off to lots of people, inspired by things like Smash Bros. and Starwhal. I dare say we succeeded!

First we got chosen to show off our game at the Level Up Showcase. We didn’t win any prizes there, but just getting to go was honour enough, and it was lots of fun.

Next, we showed off our game at the end-of-year UOIT Gamecon, to great reception. So great, in fact, that we won 3 prizes: Best Third Year Game, Best Aesthetics, and Best of Show.

This year was also pretty great in that:

  • I won first prize in a game jam in first semester (which I will upload and post about shortly)
  • I finally put together a resume, and was taken off guard by how many projects I’ve worked on (another one of which I will be posting to this site)
  • I was a TA, reviewing first year code and helping them with problems, which was very awarding
  • I had a really nice place to live
  • I had really nice people to live with

Here’s hoping next year, which promises to be very different, will be just as awesome!