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I'm Ben Whittaker

I am embarking on a hopefully long and fruitful career making games. This site will be a place to put said games, news about said games, and any other miscellaneous projects I happen to be working on.

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Inverse Stereographic Projection (the math behind Unearth)

I’ve gotten a request from someone (one Alexander Formoso from Venezuela) to reveal how I did the projection thingamabobber in Unearth, my only barely entry to Ludum Dare.

Apparently, I’m not the first one to try this. Who knew?

As such, I am complying! More beyond the break.


Catching Up: Ant Ninja

Ant Ninja is a game made along with my Game Development Workshop studio, Top Hat Games, in our second year of studies.

There are a couple videos (a gameplay video and a video cutscene that we didn’t have time to add to the game itself) that I might add in a bit.

More about the game (+download link) here.

Catching up: Plugged in the Beat

Plugged in the Beat was my second game jam game, in collaboration with Chantal Horan (art) and Zarke (music), made for the 2014 Global Game Jam back in January.

Read more about it, and play the game, here.

Catching Up: Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces is a game me and a partner, Chantal Horan, made for the 24 hour UOIT GdSoc Jam in September 2013. I did the code and she did the art.

The theme was “Space, the Untamed Beast”, and I figured, well, what if there was an untamed beast that could only be detected through the empty space he occupies? And thus it was so!

This was my first game jam, and so far my most successful. I even had my mother addicted for a while, and the only computer game she usually plays is solitaire!

I’m planning on updating the game and releasing the full version this summer, and for that reason I’m not releasing it right now but you can see more information (and a gameplay video) here.

Ludum Dare 29: Unearth

I decided to do Ludum Dare (my first), but only as a low-pressure thing, rather than an exercise in forcing myself to start and follow through. As such, I started, but I didn’t follow through.

My concept was pretty neat - it was all going to be this little pseudo-3d planet, with layers of crust to blow up and monsters and gems to uncover. As it is, I managed the pseudo-3d, and ran out of steam before getting to the monsters and gems and explosions, or anything that could quite be called “gameplay”.

The pseudo-3d effect involves a wrap-around rectangular space and some math from

It’s still neat to look at, I guess.

Use arrow keys to move, and X to jump.

Catching Up: Mountain Kid

I have uploaded another project of mine, which runs in both flash and natively on android: Mountain Kid

I was kind of hoping I’d have updated this project with my latest projects by Friday night, when Ludum Dare starts, but I got sidetracked and I have an exam Friday at noon to study for, and there’s still one major school project and two game jam projects to add to the site… my time would, sadly, probably be better spent studying than adding them right now.

Catching Up: Bombarded

Contrary to appearances, I have, in fact, been making games these past two years. I just haven’t been showing them off here, which is kinda silly, since that’s the whole point of this site!

In any case, I’ve uploaded a project I worked on for a bit right before starting university. It has bombs, and explosions, and shiny gemstones.

The name of the game is Bombarded.

Read more, and try it out, here!

Hello World!

Welcome to Nebbish Hacks!

I plan to use this site for showing off any games I’m making, and whatever else I happen to be working on.

To start it off, I’ve uploaded a game I was working on a while back and never completed called Jellyfish Quest. It’s written in Python and is a download game, whereas the games I hope to put up will be mostly browser games. Nonetheless, it’s still kind of cool, and I hope to make a finished flash version at some point.