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I'm Ben Whittaker

I am embarking on a hopefully long and fruitful career making games. This site will be a place to put said games, news about said games, and any other miscellaneous projects I happen to be working on.

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Blitz Plane Blast Installer and Source Code

  • Rob Edmonds has added AI Players to Blitz Plane Blast! They make for challenging opponents. It’s pretty cool.
  • With the addition of AI, I’ve decided that I should probably actually put the game up for download. So now the game’s up for download!
  • And finally, I’ve decided to make the source code public, so that I can show off my engine. Because did you know I made the engine we used all by myself, from scratch? I totally did. I’m rather proud of it.

Demo Reel and Another Year

I’ve finished all my coursework, I’ve got no exams, and I’m graduating. Seems like a good time to update my website!

One of my courses this past semester was Demo Reel Development. As you might guess, in this class I had to create a demo reel. I think it turned out pretty well! It also contains a bunch of projects I haven’t put on this site yet.

Check out the video below the break!


The Year we Won

I have now conquered my third year at university, and great things have marked it’s passing. In particular, we made a game. We made an awesome game, and to our great satisfaction, it’s awesomeness has been acknowledged.

The game is the sideview dogfighting game Blitz Plane Blast. Our idea was to make a party game, specifically designed to be fun to show off to lots of people, inspired by things like Smash Bros. and Starwhal. I dare say we succeeded!


Filmmaking and Animation Assignments

I recently had to make a couple of videos for school.


New website!

I’ve been working on this new iteration of the website for a while (in between other projects), and it’s finally live!

The most important new feature for visitors is the new responsive layout, making it look lovely on small screens and mobile devices. Resize the browser and see!

Under the hood, everything’s been rebuilt from scratch, using DocPad to generate the site and Amazon S3 to host it. This makes hosting considerably more efficient and cheaper, compared to the old system of WolfCMS + BlueHost. No more PHP here!

Anyways, maybe now that I’ve finally completed the transition I’ll post more often. One can hope, at least.

Inverse Stereographic Projection (the math behind Unearth)

I’ve gotten a request from someone (one Alexander Formoso from Venezuela) to reveal how I did the projection thingamabobber in Unearth, my only barely entry to Ludum Dare.

Apparently, I’m not the first one to try this. Who knew?

As such, I am complying! More beyond the break.


Catching Up: Ant Ninja

Ant Ninja is a game made along with my Game Development Workshop studio, Top Hat Games, in our second year of studies.

There are a couple videos (a gameplay video and a video cutscene that we didn’t have time to add to the game itself) that I might add in a bit.

More about the game (+download link) here.

Catching up: Plugged in the Beat

Plugged in the Beat was my second game jam game, in collaboration with Chantal Horan (art) and Zarke (music), made for the 2014 Global Game Jam back in January.

Read more about it, and play the game, here.

Catching Up: Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces is a game me and a partner, Chantal Horan, made for the 24 hour UOIT GdSoc Jam in September 2013. I did the code and she did the art.

The theme was “Space, the Untamed Beast”, and I figured, well, what if there was an untamed beast that could only be detected through the empty space he occupies? And thus it was so!

This was my first game jam, and so far my most successful. I even had my mother addicted for a while, and the only computer game she usually plays is solitaire!

I’m planning on updating the game and releasing the full version this summer, and for that reason I’m not releasing it right now but you can see more information (and a gameplay video) here.